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Modular Aluminum Handtrucks

Built to your Design

For delivery people a hand truck is your main tool. Having one that fits the product makes your job easier. With our modular hand truck system, its a simple matter of combining components into the most useful configuration.

Lets use a standard delivery truck as an example. You move boxed product of all different size boxes. During normal delivery, curbs and stairs will be encountered.


Start building a part number by selecting a handle like style No. H07:


handle pic Handle style H07


Then choose a frame like style No.F2:
Add frame to the handle H07 + F2 => H07-F2



frame pic
Frame No. F2


Next you will need a rugged and deep nose like type N06:
Add nose: H07-F2- + N06 => H07-F2-N06-

nose pic
Nose No. N06


Then 10 inch 4-ply pneumatic wheels with ball bearing, No. D5T:
Add wheels: H07-F2-N06- + D5T => H07-F2-N06-D5T-


wheel pic
Wheel No. D5T


Last, add stair climbers like No. E1L:
Add stairclimbers: H07-F2-N06-D5T + E1L => H07-F2-N06-D5T-E1L

stair climber pic
Stairclimber No. E1L
These simple steps produce a part number H07-F2-N06-D5T-E1L. By duplicating these steps with the components on the following pages you can design a handtruck that fits your needs perfectly.

We stock a complete selection of Parts and accessories so that we can supply replacement parts or a complete custom handtruck immediately.

handtruck pic

Handtruck Base Price
The basic handtruck consists of a #H01 handle, #F1 frame, #C1 nose and the 8" Semi-Pneumatic wheels.

Handtruck Overall Height

The handtrucks overall height can be found in the handle or extension sections. U.P.S. has height limits on product shipped. If your hand truck is too large when fully assembled we will ship the handle or extension unattached.

Press the radio button under the desired component to add it to your handtruck.

The number of inches indicated is the hand trucks overall height when a standard frame is used.

# H01
Std. Loop 50"
handle pic

+ $18.19

# H13
Std. Loop
 w/vinyl sleeve 50"
handle pic

+ $20.16
# H04
Single Grip 55"
handle pic

+ $36.20
# H05
Single Grip 60"
handle pic

+ $48.05

# H07
Loop 52"
handle pic

+ $29.23

# H08
Loop 60"
handle pic

+ $52.42
# H09
Loop 68"
handle pic

+ $66.99

# H12
Single Grip 52"

handle pic

+ $24.08



frame pic

+ $60.09
# F2

frame pic

+ $60.09
# F3

frame pic

+ $60.09
# F5
Curved Braces
frame pic

+ $72.53


Some frame/nose combinations don't make sense. When we are in doubt we will call you.

# N01
14"wide x 7.5"deep
nose pic

+ $39.82
# N2E
Extruded Alum.
18"wide x 7.5"deep
nose pic

+ $54.74
# N07
Extruded Alum.
14"wide x 10"deep
nose pic

+ $92.08
# N03
Extruded Alum.
14"wide x (7.5/9")deep
nose pic

+ $53.37
# N04
Extruded Alum.
14"wide x 9"deep
nose pic

+ $48.99
# N05
Extruded Alum.
18"wide x (7.5/9")deep
nose pic

+ $60.07
# N06
Extruded Alum.
18"wide x 9"deep
nose pic

+ $59.29
# N08
Extruded Alum.
16"wide x 12"deep
nose pic

+ $92.17
# N09
Extruded Alum.
20"wide x 12"deep
nose pic

+ $99.00



All wheels have ball bearings.

# S82.5
8" Semi-Pneumatic
wheel pic

+ $23.59
# D5T
10" 3 Piece Hub
4Ply Pneumatic
wheel pic

+ $50.63
# D11-ALUM
8" Balloon Cushion
wheel pic

+ $47.18
# D9
8" 3 Piece Hub
wheel pic

+ $65.36
# D10
10"Balloon Cushion
wheel pic

+ $51.83
# D6A
10" Microcellular
wheel pic

+ $87.25
 # 815R
8" Mold-on Rubber
Cast Alum.
wheel pic

+ $39.25


Stair Climbers
 & Attachments


No Stair Climber
# E1L
Extruded Aluminum
with Polymer Skid Bars
stair climber pic

+ $60.81

Folding Nose


No Folding Nose
# F2
Extruded Alum. Channel 20"
extension pic

+ $41.40
# F3
Extruded Alum. Channel 30"
extension pic

+ $44.62



No Extension
High-U Frame Extensions
Height is overall height when used with std. frames.
These extensions fit handles #A11, #A13 only.
# E55
Add 5" to Height
  extension pic

+ $20.13
# E60
Add 10" to Height
  extension pic

+ $25.50
# E68
Add 18" to Height
extension pic

+ $28.81

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